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Community Funded

Calling on the wider community to help support the next series. That’s right, this work is dedicated to the Ummah so be a part of it!


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Incredible Books

We are on the verge of getting out story books inspired by series 1. Five amazing books teaching about the names and attributes of Allah.


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Nasheed Album

You can now hear the work in progress of the Nasheed album. Join Dawoud and the gang as they explore the names of Allah.


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Kids Activities

Our ‘Kids Zone’ will feature fun packed activities and games. It will also have stories written by children  and a special competition  section.


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Latest Work

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Message from Sheikh Yusuf Estes


Bismillah Rahman Raheem Salam alaykum wa Ramadan Mubarak, Guide US TV team members are working along with me right now to donate from our own pockets to help Misri Bunch.. read more

Story Book 1: Hide & Seek


Based on episode 1 of the ‘Misri Bunch: Names of Allah series 1′, this story book ‘Hide & Seek’ is an invaluable resource for educating children about the ever presence.. read more

Story Book 2: Asking Allah


Based on episode 2 of the ‘Misri Bunch: Names of Allah series 1′, this story book ‘Asking Allah’ covers the importance of turning to Allah All Mighty in our times of ease.. read more